Mahajana Education Society is a premier educational organization which has been serving the cause of education in the city of Mysore for more than seven decades. It has under its umbrella 7 institutions starting from nursery to post graduate courses.

It is the vision of Mahajana P.G. Centre to develop 3 distinct schools, namely Mahajana School of Biological Sciences, Mahajana School of Business Management and Mahajana School of Information Technology. We have also on the campus well developed institute of Tourism which offers Masters Degree in Tourism and Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management.

Mysore University has recognized the life sciences department of the PG Centre as R & D Centre. Mahajana Research Foundation which is housed in the P.G. Centre co-ordinates the research programmes of the college and is involved in publication of books authored by the faculty of P.G. Centre.

It is heartening to inform that our students have excelled in all walks of life. They have been continuously bagging university ranks besides winning trophies in sports, quiz and fest competitions.

The campus with its excellent teaching faculty and impressive infrastructure is on its way to become a deemed to be University in course of time. We have always upheld the motto 'Enter to Learn and Depart to Serve'

Dr. C.K. Renukarya